How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Does he like me? Is it as a friend or is there more to it? Many women struggle with finding out how to tell if a guy likes them. Men will often put out conflicting and ambiguous signals making it difficult for a woman to figure it out. But there are ways to discover what he really means. The evidence is in his body language. Below are 5 ways to know if a guy likes you:


How to tell, Sign #1: He quickly changes how he speaks.

His voice will go soft and he’ll start to talk at a slower pace. It’s an indication that his words are only for you. He doesn’t want other people to hear. It’s his way of creating an us vs. the world mentality. It’s important to note that this tell is subject to change. If you’re at a loud bar or club, then he will have to speak louder to be heard. Wait until you can spend some time outside that environment to take advantage of this tell.

How to tell, Sign #2: He will mirror your body language.

We are drawn to people who act like us and share our own ideals. When a man is interested in you, he will often unconsciously copy your body language and mannerisms to create this bond. If you adjust your body position and he mimics you shortly after, there is a very good chance he is into you.

How to tell, Sign #3: He moves in closer.

If a guy likes you, he will often move closer to you in a desire for more intimate contact. Common examples include a guy inching toward you as you talk or a guy choosing the same side of the booth as you. Whether you are standing or sitting, a desire to be closer is a definite sign of interest.

How to tell, Sign #4: He has sticky eyes.

As we become more interested, our eyes start to linger. We hold eye contact for much longer. We can’t seem to take our eyes off the other person (in a non-creeper way).

How to tell, Sign #5: He has triangle eyes.

This is a progression on the previous tell. He will be holding eye contact much longer, but in this case, he will move his eyes in a triangular pattern. He will begin looking at one eye, then the other, and then drop his eyes down to your lips. This will usually be repeated several times. It will be hard to miss if you’re paying attention. It’s a signal that he is interested in kissing you.

There are many additional signs to look for. These additional tells include:

More open, friendly body language:

  • His lips parting.
  • He raises his eyebrows.
  • His nostrils flare.

Body language to impress you:

  • He’ll shift to an upright, erect alpha male position.
  • He’ll spread his legs while sitting across from you, revealing his crotch.
  • He’ll stand with his hands on his hips to show off his physique.

Nervous fiddling gestures:

  • He’ll play with the buttons on his jacket.
  • He’ll touch his face often.

Protective gestures:

  • He’ll lend you his coat/sweater/hoodie.
  • He’ll put his arm on your elbow or your low back to guide you through crowds.

If you’re curious how to tell if a guy like you, look to the above signs. You can’t rely off any one sign, but if you see a couple of these signals and notice a pattern, there is a very high chance that he likes you. It’s up to you if you want to initiate from there or flirt a little more to encourage him to act.


Dr. David Morgan specializes in body language and relationship dynamics. His advice on how to use body language in dating and relationships has earned him worldwide accolades. He is currently running a relationship counseling practice in Raleigh, NC.